S27 Touring GTW custom
S27 Touring GTW custom
S27 Touring GTW custom
S27 Touring GTW custom
S27 Touring GTW custom
S27 Touring GTW custom


S27 Touring GTW custom

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Fast and easy to paddle, our Touring boards are built for adventure. The rocker is optimized to get the most glide out of every stroke which conserves energy and allows riders to paddle farther. A slightly recessed deck and flat bottom section in the stance area enhances the overall stability. The displacement hull-shaped nose slices through all water conditions, ensuring easy and smooth drive, even in choppy or windy conditions. Another advantage of this shape is its large sweet spot for stability, making it accessible for paddlers of all ability levels. For those who wish to explore farther or get a bit of fishing in, the Touring also features cargo plugs on the nose and behind the stance area to attach additional accessories and supplies for whatever the adventure calls for. Complementing the board, the Touring comes with a Weedfin with a high rake angle that releases seagrass and provides maximum directional stability.

Ideal for riders up to 250 lbs/113 kg


  • Weedfin 9.5
  • Ledge Handle
  • Grooved & Embossed EVA Pad
  • Cargo Inserts


  • Molded EPS Closed Cell Core
  • Wood Stringer Biax Glass Bottom Lamination
  • Full Wood Veneer Deck and Rail Sandwich with Biax Glass Top Layer
  • Glossy Finish Deck and Rail
  • Matte Finish Bottom
  • Diamond Grooved, Micro Dot Embossed EVA Pad


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