S27 Performance Alana
S27 Performance Alana
S27 Performance Alana
S27 Performance Alana
S27 Performance Alana
S27 Performance Alana


S27 Performance Alana

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Size:80 / RDS


The right blend of value and functionality, the Performance, Performance Alana, and Performance Jr. are an accessible choice for all-around use. Keeping much of the same technological features of our Carbon and Carbon Elite paddles, the Performance paddles eliminate the ABS rail for a more affordable option. Great for any paddler in any condition and available in both vario and 3-piece options, this paddle is easy to transport and adjust on the fly.

Blade Details:

Biax Glass/UD Carbon Reinforced Lamination - Provides a durable blade in an affordable construction.

Shaft Details:

Durable Biax Glass UD Carbon Reinforced Shaft - Ensures a durable paddle at a great cost.

Traction Grip in Lower Hand Area - The traction grip prevents your lower hand from slipping.

Vario Shaft and T-handle Details:

Tahitian Style T-Handle with Traction Grip - A simple, yet effective handle to suit any paddlers needs.

Pressure Cleat with Seamless Length Adjustment - The length of the paddle can be adjusted seamlessly allowing you to choose the length you decide on the go. The vario handle will always be in perfect alignment with the anti-twist system.


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