S26 Custom Thruster
S26 Custom Thruster
S26 Custom Thruster


S26 Custom Thruster

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Pro Performance Wave

After originally making these boards available as exclusive custom boards, our R&D team has made further improvements with the feedback of riders from around the world refining the tuck at the rail to create the ultimate combination of planing, speed, and grip. With a bottom shape flowing from a single concave center section into a slight V out the tail, these boards provide power in the bottom turn while releasing effortlessly off the top. We recommend them for riders who appreciate the versatility of the Thruster design in a variety of wave conditions from side shore to side onshore, while also looking for some planing power.


  • Double Screw Footstrap Setup (4 Per Strap)
  • Ergonomic Foot Straps
  • 9mm EVA Pad with Diamond Cut and Dotted Embossing
  • Slot Box Side Fin Boxes
  • US Center Fin Box
  • Single Concave Mid-Bottom Section into V-Tail Bottom Shape

Fins Not Included

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