2024 Stratos
2024 Stratos
2024 Stratos
2024 Stratos
2024 Stratos
2024 Stratos
2024 Stratos


2024 Stratos

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New for S28 is a line of Freeride boards developed based on the successful shapes of the Starship and Galaxy. This new generation of shapes features significantly improved control at speed and through chop, resulting in a incredibly easy to handle board that lets the rider excel. These boards ride smooth and fast. They jibe and carve without effort and mimic the feeling of a much smaller board while offering the stability needed to be comfortable at any level. Early planing, speed and control are the essentials of any free ride board and the Stratos line fits those characteristics perfectly. The rocker line accommodates a smooth but swift transition from non planing to planing with little effort. The V-bottom shape makes it easy to ride flat while offering enough release to power up and shift to a more supportive riding style over the fin. Its various foot strap insert positions provide the option to ride in 5th gear out on the rail or further inboard in a more relaxed cruising mode.



V-bottom Shape

Achieves the best balance between top-end control and easy jibing

Windsurf and Foil ready

With MFC HF fin included (not shown), ready for any deep tuttle foil setups

Low profile design

With an even volume distribution

Medium tail size and nose outline

Accommodate the best balance between high-speed potential and turning ability

Smooth deck shape

Provides a comfortable stance in every foot strap position to make getting in and out of the straps easy


Includes 4 Naish windsurfing foot straps

Precision Cut CNC EPS Core

Durable construction that is super lightweight

S-Glass PVC deck sandwich vacuum bottom lamination

with wood and carbon reinforcements in the stance area

Double-foot strap holes

Offers versatile variations for all different riding styles

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