2024 Hookipa Quad
2024 Hookipa Quad
2024 Hookipa Quad
2024 Hookipa Quad
2024 Hookipa Quad
2024 Hookipa Quad
2024 Hookipa Quad
2024 Hookipa Quad


2024 Hookipa Quad

Sale price$2,602.95

The new Ho'okipa Quads evolved from our Custom Quad designs with the goal to find the best combination of speed, drive and turning ability. These boards maintain speed from huge down-the-line waves to mushy onshore rollers and everything in between. They are Robby's and Ricardo's go to boards in pure wavesailing conditions.


The bottom shape features a single concave nose entry area that transforms into a double concave mid section carrying the drive on the tail into a flat release. This creates a straighter scoop rocker line in the midsection while keeping the curve in the rail. The flat center line delivers speed and planing power. The rails start with a soft edge in the nose that carries through the midsection and transfers into a surfboard style sharp release in the tail section. This rail design gives the board secure drive through the bottom turn even in choppy conditions while providing a clean release in the top turn.



Quad Slot Box Setup

Includes MFC quad fin set

Maximum Suspension EVA Deck Pad

Extends the life of your board, distributing wear evenly and allowing for an easy transition between rails

Precision Cut CNC EPS Core

Durable construction that is super lightweight

S-Glass PVC deck sandwich vacuum bottom lamination

with wood and carbon reinforcements in the stance area

Double-foot strap holes

Offers versatile variations for all different riding styles

Includes 3 Naish windsurfing footstraps 

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