2024 Foil Mast Carbon 100
2024 Foil Mast Carbon 100
2024 Foil Mast Carbon 100
2024 Foil Mast Carbon 100


2024 Foil Mast Carbon 100

Sale price$1,119.00

The new Naish C100 monocoque carbon mast is the pinnacle of cutting-edge engineering and design, offering unparalleled performance benefits. Crafted with a combination of 3K and UD carbon fibers, it provides superior bending and torsional rigidity while achieving a ‘direct drive’ feel for maximum control. Additionally, its dual expanding foam core allows for an exceptionally light weight build that enhances speed and control while preventing corrosion thanks to the integration of (2) 12 mm stainless steel inserts laminated into the mast structure as well as a molded fuselage connector which serves as a protective barrier against corrosion.


High temperature/high pressure prepreg construction

Inner foam core for optimized weight

UD inner layer construction combined with 3K outer layer

Gloss finish for easy cleaning and keeping an optimized surface without sanding


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