S25 Kites - New Decade New Direction

S25 Kites - New Decade New Direction

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Naish has improved its lineup of award-winning kites by refining designs to be lighter and more efficient, yet still built to last. Backed by 20 years of experience along with a new team of engineers, world champions, and pro athletes, our kites have been tuned through rigorous testing on maui and around the globe. The wide lineup of kites hits each discipline from big air, to freestyle, to park, to waves, and foiling, while keeping each model an all-around performer. The legendary Pivot and its sibling the Triad have proven to be the most acclaimed all-around kites on the water, excelling at just about everything. This year’s kites feature Naish’s industry-leading materials with fine-tuned patterns and added adjustability features. The result is a lineup of well-proven and easy-to-fly designs that deliver maximum performance for every riding style in every condition!

Check out the Pivot HERE
Check out the Pivot LE HERE
Check out the Slash HERE
Check out the Torch HERE

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