One World One Ocean

One World One Ocean

World Class waterwoman, Jenny Kalmbach, spreads her message in this short video.

A few months back while I was visiting Southern California I had the opportunity to meet up with Jeff Vasquez who is putting together a film on standup paddling. One of the topics we spoke about was my passion for raising awareness for the ocean and the impact of plastic contamination on our marine environment. The oceans give us life, but we’re not taking care of them. As a paddler, I spend the majority of my time near or on the water and I am shocked by the lack of caring fellow paddlers, surfers, fishermen etc have toward protecting the oceans. The world’s oceans are at a tipping point and if we don’t make some major changes soon, they will not recover. Recently, One World One Ocean was launched with the mission of changing the way we view the oceans in order to help protect and restore them. We have a duty to protect the oceans for all they have given us. It is never to late to make a difference. Check out​ for more information and help spread the word on this important movement.

Side note – I was riding the 10’0 Mana near Trestles.

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