Naish Finishes On Top at the 2015 Onboard Jetty 2 Jetty Classic

Naish Finishes On Top at the 2015 Onboard Jetty 2 Jetty Classic

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November 1, 2015, Adelaide, Australia—The 6th annual Onboard Jetty 2 Jetty Classic is not only Adelaide’s biggest SUP event of the year but historically one of Australia’s largest attended SUP events. Local team Naish riders proved to be a high caliber of competition, with Toby Cracknell holding the lead for the entire race and finishing in first place, and fellow Naish rider Andy Davies on his heels to claim the second spot.

True to its reputation as one of the biggest events of the year, the race drew over 100 competitors. On the day of the competition, coordinators initiated a change in the traditional 4 km course from Somerton to Seacliff due to mixed wind and ocean conditions. The new course followed a triangular (round trip) route from Seacliff and back.

With a huge turnout of contestants from all around Australia, the race had stacked competition. However, all eyes were on Toby Cracknell, the current Australian National SUP Racing Champion. Starting with a bang, Toby lead the race from the beginning on his Javelin Maliko X26 14’0”. After continuously bridging the gap between him and the other contenders each leg at a time, Toby claimed the first place spot. Andy Davies (aka. Standy) Naish Australia Employee and Naish Team rider, held second place the entire race. Andy was paddling on his Javelin Carbon X26 14’0”.

A big thanks goes out to Onboard Surf, South Australia SUP Crew and Matt Stringer from WindSUP for putting together an extremely fun awesome day of racing.

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