Winter is Coming. Where is Kody?

Winter is Coming. Where is Kody?

1. What are your plans for the winter on Maui? Any travel?
For the most part I will be in Hawaii surfing as much as possible this winter. Bouncing between Maui and Oahu to get the most out of what the season has to offer. However I will be breaking away from the ocean to head up to ride some frozen H2O in the mountains! Snowboarding has been a lifelong passion of mine and I definitely have a few trips planned to keep everything interesting.

2. What board are you riding and why did you choose that board?
The board I choose to ride on any particular day mostly has to do with the conditions. If the waves are bumpy and all over the place I will usually grab my 7’3″ Hokua to try and fit in a few turns. If the waves are clean and really good I will grab my Gerry Lopez Naish surfboard and do my best to throw some spray and look for barrels. As the wave sizes increase, so will my boards.

3. Can you tell us about the 2016 quiver you have and what you like about it?
Every year the quiver is growing and improving. It really helps to have a board for every condition and in 2016 I feel the Naish range really has made that possible. From 2’ to 20’ waves, glassy or windy, I have the board to maximize every session.

4. I’m sure you have some favorite spots you like to surf during the winter, what are your boards of choice for these spots and why?
It all depends on the size of the surf. With the swells coming and going everyday I like to have my truck loaded for anything. I usually have 2 short boards and 3 SUP boards so I can go anywhere and be ready for anything depending on swell, winds and tides. On a perfect day I will be on my 7’8” Hokua surfing a secret spot by myself.

5. Do you ever get in any downwind training during this time or is it strictly surf all the way?
Like everything else we do during the winter, it all depends on the conditions. Usually after the long race season all my focus turns to surfing … but when the waves are small and the wind is up, I will definitely get in a run or two down the coast to keep the blood flowing.

6. What will be your training regimen for the SUP world tour in February?
Besides surfing every day, I will be doing a lot of body weight workouts and cardio excesses to keep myself fit and ready for whatever the ocean throws at me!

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