Episode 2 - Traveling for Days

Episode 2 - Traveling for Days

Traveling from Hawaii to Morocco takes a bit of time and a few flights. To be exact, it took 42 hours and 4 flights. However, it’s what you gotta do if you’re someone like me—living in Maui and ready to compete on the new Kiteboarding World Tour (the VKWC), who’s first event is set in Morocco (check out video 001 for more info on the event).

Right now, all I have to say is that I couldn’t be more pumped for this! Ready to rock and show them my style….#ThrillStyle

Next Video:
I will check out the wave spot tomorrow, register for the event and watch the camp as all the riders flock in from around the world. Check back soon for more updates!

Life on Tour – A Moroccan Adventure
A series of behind the scenes clips & updates from Life on the Virgin Kitesurf World Championships (VKWC) AKA PKRA.


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