Kai Lenny wins the Surfing & Racing Events at the 2014 Ultimate SUP Showdown

Kai Lenny wins the Surfing & Racing Events at the 2014 Ultimate SUP Showdown

August 16-18, 2014 The Ultimate SUP Showdown just wrapped up after a weekend full of top-of-the-line surfing and racing with some of the best performers in the sport and Team Naish was in full effect!

Kai Lenny started out the event strong by taking advantage of the wave conditions and grasping 1st in the SUP Surf event on his Naish Hokua 7’3” LE and then also taking the victory in the SUP Race event on his Naish 12’6” Javelin LE. These top results easily qualified Kai for the highly televised and main event, the “Ultimate SUP Showdown” where the top paddlers from each event met up to put their skills to the test in a slalom course in the surf break. It was here that Kai battled it out stroke for stroke and finished in 2nd on his Naish Javelin 12’6” LE after catching a wave toward the second to last buoy to the finish line.

On the women’s side of things, Naish’s Jenny Kalmbach maintained a strong performance during the SUP Race event with a 2nd place finish and backed that up with a 3rd place finish in the Showdown event on her Naish Javelin 12’6” X26 LE.

Big ups also goes out to Riggs Napoleon for his 4th place finish in the Showdown event! Riggs continues to step up the competition in a plethora of events and this performance just solidified Riggs as another racer to keep your eyes on as the season progresses.

Congratulations Kai, Jenny and to all of our Naish Team members who competed at this world-class event!

Photo courtesy of Supracer.com

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