Ewan Jaspan Wins 2017 Wind Voyager Triple-S Invitational

Ewan Jaspan Wins the 2017 Wind Voyager Triple-S Invitational

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June 9, 2017, Cape Hatteras, North Carolina – In the packed house of the Watermen’s Bar & Grill at Real Watersports, standing in front of the worlds best kiteboarders, Naish’s Ewan Jaspan smiled ear-to-ear raising the massive trophy as the new champion of the Wind Voyager Triple-S Invitational.

Ewan Jaspan Waits for the Win

Capping off an incredible week of kiteboarding was an epic closing party. Spirits were high as beverages flowed freely and Hip-Hop legends Method Man and Redman entertained the crowd. Despite the relaxed vibes, there was a hint of eagerness and anticipation in the air. It had been a long couple of days for Jaspan as he waited for the final results to be announced after the competition wrapped up on Tuesday, June 6. Keeping with tradition, riders would have to wait until the closing party on Friday for the final results to be announced. Jaspan, however, was confident in his performance. “At the end of the last day of competition I had a feeling that I had done well especially after my last hit on the John Wayne slider, but I had no idea that I had won until the closing ceremony,” said Jaspan.

A Winner’s Toolkit

This win marks a career high for Jaspan. After a rough couple of years coming back from multiple injuries, he is back to his true form and riding at another level. His confidence in himself and equipment shows, riding the Naish Torch kite and all new Naish Stomp board to victory at the legendary Real Slider Park. Jaspan has been especially stoked on the Stomp, which compliments his riding style. “The Stomp really works perfect for me as I can do all my disciplines on one board, whether it be big air freestyle or park riding, it performs and takes a solid beating,” said Jaspan. “The rocker line is perfect as you can still carry a lot of speed but also gives enough rocker to cope with massive landings and keep you under control in all conditions.”

About the Wind Voyager Triple-S Invitational

The Triple-S, which began in 2006, has grown year after year to become one of the biggest contests in kiteboarding. Jaspan was especially blown away this year. “Real and the Triple-S organizers really stepped up the event this year. The entertainment line-up was huge with Ky Mani Marley, Method Man and Redman and Mix Master Mike playing at the parties. It was something I have never seen at a kite event before. Couple that with a great media crew, some insane photos and videos and a full field of the best all-around riders in the world, it was the best year ever.”

It has been an exciting year for Jaspan, who has been putting together great results on the Kite Park League tour, backing up his second place finish at the Palawan Open with this win. From North Carolina, Jaspan heads to Hood River, Oregon next to film and compete at the KPL Hood Jam and can’t be more excited to get back to Oregon. “Hood River is somewhere I could never get tired of. I could probably stay forever, but that 90 day visa won’t let me…” Expect to see more big things from Jaspan in 2017.

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