Casper Steinfath Holds the Crown at the Denmark National SUP Race Championship

Casper Steinfath Holds the Crown at the Denmark National SUP Race Championship

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June 22, 2015, Copenhagen, Denmark – Casper Steinfath was crowned champion for the fifth time in a row at the Denmark National SUP Race Championship in the center of Copenhagen.

Inspired by the SUP Paris Crossing in France, in which 400 paddlers competed, the organizers of the Denmark National SUP Race Championship endeavored to create an opportunity to bring their community together in healthy competition. The result was a weekend-long grassroots standup paddle event held in Copenhagen Harbor. Casper kicked-off the weekend with a 3-hour SUP workshop to provide less experienced paddlers with various strategies and tips for the contest the next day. Hosting over 100 participants, the competition commenced on Saturday with a technical race, followed by a 10 km long distance race on Sunday.

While competitions have sent Casper to numerous exotic locations throughout the year, the Dane remained eager to compete on local shores, exclaiming, “I really stoked to be crowned 2015 Danish Champion after some really fun racing in the heart of Copenhagen! I had a blast racing with so many awesome friends and Vikings. The weather was nice to us this year and it was truly an incredible experience to stage a SUP Race in the middle of Copenhagen!”

Overall, the sport of standup paddling and SUP racing has been gaining a lot of traction in northern Europe. As Casper mentions, “The sport just keeps growing and growing even in these Northern latitudes.” There is no doubt; SUPing is a great sport for people of all ages and levels.

Casper happily concludes; “I have a feeling this is just a warm up event for something much bigger here. Huge thumbs up to all the organizers for putting this great event together and taking Stand Up Paddling in Denmark to the next level!” Casper’s next stop is the Barcelona SUP World Series; good luck Casper!

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