S26 Skater
S26 Skater
S26 Skater


S26 Skater

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The Skater is playful and versatile. Its parallel rails and compact planform make it the perfect choice for riders moving from a twin tip to a directional board. Easy to ride upwind, with a very balanced between-the-feet power, the Skater has a cleaner outline with a narrower and thinner tail than previous models, carrying a slight false wing at the back foot. These design features make it easier to ride in
strong winds, load the rail in choppy conditions and are super controllable when doing strapless airs.


  • CNC Cut 15 kg Density EPS = Precision + lightweight
  • Lightweight Finish = Lightweight board for better response + higher performance
  • High Tensile Fiberglass = Outstanding strength-to-weight ratio
  • Strapless Impact Resistance Heel and Rail Patch = Strength + improved load spread
  • Double Bamboo Sandwich Deck = Maximum durability + minimizes pressure dents
  • Bamboo Laminate = Natural load spread + energetic ex
  • Lightweight Fiberglass = Overall lighter board
  • Rail Reinforcement Patches = Strengthen the board in key area
  • New Deck Pad Texture and Center Heel Bump = Improved grip

Includes Honeycomb Surf Fins

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