S26 Lift RN
S26 Lift RN


S26 Lift RN

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Performance Foiling/Slalom Sailing

The LIFT RN is an ultra-high aspect no-cam sail that delivers incredible foiling performance, as well as high-speed freeride sailing. It is great for foiling windsurfers looking for maximum speed on or off the foil. With its short boom and long mast, the high aspect ratio delivers amazing top speed while minimizing drag while foiling. The LIFT RN is also fantastic as a non-foiling sail, offering great no-cam handling and speed. The low clew and increased area below the boom seals the gap, improves end plating, adding to the sail’s overall efficiency.


  • 6 Battens/2 Cams
  • Deep Foot Shaping
  • Laminated, Tough, and Lightweight Film
  • Smooth, Progressive Twist Profile
  • High Aspect Sail Outline
  • Medium Width Mast Sleeve Design


  • Laminated Monofilm Construction = Tough + lightweight
  • Tube/Rod Battens = Increased draft stability
  • Equilibrium™ Batten Pockets = Improved rotation + lightweight
  • Large Clear Monofilm Window = Increased visibility
  • Carbon Airframe = Even load spread
  • Single XS1577 Ultra Light Scrim Luff Panel = Durable and ultralight


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Single XS-1577 Ultralight Scrim Luff Panel

Leading edge shape control

Tube/Rod Battens

Increased draft stability 

Equilibrium Batten Pockets

Improved rotation + light + durable

Horizontal Panel Layout with Radial Clew

Defined 3D shape

Laminated Monofilm Construction

Tough + lightweight

Large Clear Monofilm Window

Increased visibility 


  1. Laminated Monofilm Construction

  2. Tube/Rod Battens

  3. Equilibrium Batten Pockets

  4. Large Clear Monofilm Window

  5. Single XS-1577 Ultralight Scrim Luff Panel

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