Carbon System Fuselage
Carbon System Fuselage


Carbon System Fuselage

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SIZES: 55 cm | 64 cm 

Made from 3k carbon, he back end of the fuselage is available in two lengths to bring the fuselage to our 64 cm or 55 cm setup. All fuselage back ends allow for two stabilizer positions and are compatible with all current and previous stabilizer styles to 2020. This new system is the ultimate in lightweight, stiffness and durability, providing the most direct rider-foil unit possible.

55 cm - Our shortest fuselage, designed for maximum turning - popular for surf foiling, kite foiling and wing foiling

64 cm -The standard fuselage length that provides the best all-around performance and delivers the optimum combination of turning ability, pumping and pitch stability for surf, wing foiling and kite foiling

  • CNC construction from aircraft grade 6061 aluminum.
  • Includes x2  T30 M6 20mm screws

    *Only compatible with Carbon Foil Systems


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