2024 Sail Force 5
2024 Sail Force 5


2024 Sail Force 5

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The Force 5 is designed to deliver power and speed. It feels at home with heavier riders who need that extra bit of juice and anyone sailing in onshore conditions where getting going is crucial. With that much "get up and go" packed into its design DNA the Force 5 is also the quintessential bump and jump sail. The right sail for a large variety of conditions ranging from pure flatwater sailing to any and all wave conditions, the Force 5 is truly "all terrain." Featuring a large monofilm window, the Force 5 features exceptional speed and control, as well as instant sheet-in-and go acceleration. Utilizing XS-1577 ultralight scrim, the Force 5 is lightweight and easily maneuverable. If you are looking for speed, power, and control, the Force 5 does it all.



Equilibrium Batten Pockets

The equilibrium batten pockets reduce weight, increase durability, and allow for improved rotations

Horizontal Panel Layout with Radial Clew

The horizontal panel layout allows for the rider to lock in the sails shape and provides a large wind range. The radial clew gives the sail structure and durability in the areas where it takes the largest beating

Single Luff Panel

The single luff panel locks the sails deeper draft in place

XS-1577 Film

The ultralight XS-1577 material is durable, giving riders the extra confidence to push their limits

Carbon Airframe

The carbon airframe acts as the sails skeleton by spreading the load into all of the right areas providing a tight, rigid, and locked in ride and increasing overall performance

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