The Naish Rajada SUP Race in Brazil

The Naish Rajada SUP Race in Brazil

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In the first race of the Brazilian SUP circuit, Naish was title sponsor and the Naish “Rajada SUP Race” was a great success. The fifty competitors paddled a triangular course on beautiful Lagoa dos Barros in Osório – RS. The triangular shape of the course meant that racers faced one full leg against the wind – which rose to challenge them on the first day. Luckily they had a break the following day with perfect weather and absolutely no wind.

Luiz “Animal” Guido was the big winner this year with two first place rankings in the OPEN RACE (on a Glide 12’6″ Catalina) and the TIME CHALLENGE competitions. The Time Challenge was an interesting race that pitted two competitors against each other, both riding a Nalu 11’6″. With only one board allowed, it was up to the racers’ pure skill to beat out their competitors. Fun!

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