Team Naish Greece Dominates At Stop #2 Of The 2014 Hellenic SUP Cup

Team Naish Greece Dominates At Stop #2 Of The 2014 Hellenic SUP Cup

The 2nd stop of the 2014 Hellenic SUP Cup was held at Olympic Rowing Center on July 27th, as part of the 24th Hellenic Rowing Championship.

Over 100 paddlers battled it out during the 5-mile race with plenty of position changes right off the buoy turns. After buoy #4, Naish team riders George Konstantis and George Fragkos paddled hard on their Naish Javelin 14’0” LE’s, creating plenty of distance from the rest of the competitors while also creating their own battle for the podium. At the finish it was George Fragkos in 1st followed by George Konstantis in 2nd.

See the action:

Congratulations to Team Naish Greece for continuing to dominate in every division!

One more stop in Andros Island until the great finale at the Isthmus, Corinth Canal speed crossing! See you there!

Men’s 14’0” Division
#1 – G.Fragkos (Naish Javelin 14’ LE)
#2 – G.Konstantis (Naish Javelin 14’ x26LE)

Men’s 12’6” Division
#1 – Marios Kritis (Naish Javelin 12’6” LE)
#2 – John Tountas (Naish Glide 12’6” GX)

Women’s 14’0” Division
#1 – Konstantina Kontarini (Naish Javelin 14’ LE)
#2 – Mikaela Yasoumi (Naish Javelin 14’ MC)
#3 – Artemis Vartholomaiou (Naish Javelin 14’ MC)

Boys 14’0” Division
#1 – Loukas Vasileiou (Naish Javelin 14’)
#2 – Konstantino Dimitriou (Naish Javelin 14’ LE)
#3 – Michael Mastrantonis (Naish Javelin 14’)

Boys 12’6” Division
#1 – Ilias Kropik (Naish Glide 12’6”)
#2 – George Giginis (Naish Catalina 12’6”)

FUN Division
#1 – Vaggelis Avramidis (Naish Nalu 11’6”)
#2 – Manos Mavrommatis (Naish Mana 9’5”)

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