Richman Brothers Go Big In Hood River, OR

Richman Brothers Go Big In Hood River, OR

Join Jesse & Shawn Richman as they take kiteboarding to epic heights during the first ever Hood River Huck Fest, a big air event in the Columbia River Gorge. Sit back and watch as the brothers make Hood River their playground, hitting endless kickers and sliders in between tons of big air tricks. They even made time to participate in the 7th Annual Kiteboarding 4 Cancer amateur kiteboarding event. What can’t these guys do?

Producer: Michael Duhaime/Naish
Director: Peterson ProMedia/Michael Peterson
Filming: Michael Peterson & Kevin Tokstad
Editing: Kevin Tokstad
Equipment: Naish Torch, Naish Draft, Naish dub, Naish Skater 5’9”
Music: “Sports Punk Rock” by Anthony Regan”, Hip Hop Special Taste” by Platinum Sounds, “Self Medication Dance” by Alberto Dominguez

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