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Naish Welcomes Brian Dennis to the Engineering Team

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Naish International is extremely excited to welcome Brian Dennis to their engineering team.

Brian comes to Naish from the Columbia River Gorge, where he has spent the last 20 years as a mechanical engineer, designing and developing snowboard boots for companies like K2 and Shimano, unmanned airplanes, carbon fiber parts and manufacturing machines, receiving several patents along the way. He brings a wealth of innovative design, prototyping and testing experience from sporting goods, aerospace and composites industries. He was bitten by windsurfing at an early age, learning on Lake Erie and Cape Cod, then later the Gorge and Maui and credits windsurfing for being the driving force in his life. He’s been a passionate kiter for about 15 years, jumping on the foil and SUP in recent years. When he’s not inventing or CADding something, tinkering and testing or working on production issues, Brian likes practicing strapless airs and wave riding in the Gorge and Oregon coast, planning the next snowkite adventure, doing yoga and gardening.

Brian Dennis Joins Naish

“This is my dream job! We have a small team of designer/developers who are all expert riders AND expert designers! We talk about gear, design, prototype, and test the gear here, and we work closely with manufacturing on quality and delivery. This is not a big company, but it seems really efficient to me. Naish is the most core brand I know of, as a kid I was all about windsurfing, and Robby was my hero. Now it feels like a dream come true to be joining the Naish team, getting to use my skills to help shape the the best equipment on the market and help more people have fun on the water.. The Naish team knows the history of every technical innovation in the sport – there’s a huge wealth of experience here, and I’m stoked to be both learning from these guys and sharing ideas on shaping the cutting edge of the sport.” – Brian Dennis

Brian Dennis measures avocado

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