Naish SUP-tripping up the Pacific Northwest

Naish SUP-tripping up the Pacific Northwest

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One precious 40-foot Naish RV, one map, one GPS system, and a simple plan. Start at White Salmon, WA and head up the coast. I’m reminded of Captain Ron when he says, If we get lost, we’ll just pull in somewheres and ask directions! So, with Robby driving, Dave sleeping and Michi smiling, the famous watermen headed on a true adventure up the Northwest coast. The boys were about to become one with nature and get closer to wildlife than they had ever imagined. Eagles and seals and bears Oh My!

The idea was to head straight out to the Washington state coast and turn right and see what we could find, Robby Naish said, and we went all the way up to Canada and across to Tofino so basically, in a week we drove 2,600 miles.

The boys brought all their water toys, prepared for whatever the environment and conditions had in store. Highlights were the beautiful wilderness of La Push, WA, the amazing surf town of Tofino, Canada and paddling with black bears.

When you see them play around on the beach, they turn over rocks that are maybe 70 pounds just with one paw and there is a crab, and they crunch it like chips! Michi Schweiger says excitedly.

The trip was one for the books, and luckily for the rest of us caught on tape! Dave Kalama says, I would highly recommend that kind of a surf trip for everybody at some point in your surf career.

Take a look for yourself at this amazing documented journey!

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