Naish Proudly Welcomes Z Schettewi to the International Windsurfing Team

Naish Proudly Welcomes Z Schettewi to the International Windsurfing Team

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Maui, HI – The Naish International Windsurfing Team is stoked to welcome local Maui ripper Z Schettewi, to the crew! Raised on Maui’s north shore, Z grew up riding some of the best waves and sailing conditions in the world. It is no wonder that the 16 year-old charger is the youngest person to ever windsurf Jaws (at 14 years old!) and has goals to ride some of the most prestigious waves in the world – Mavericks and Nazaré to name a few.

Schettewi is the 3rd place overall rider on the Youth International Windsurfing Tour and last year took home not only the Youth Big Wave Award at the 2019-20 IWT Big Wave contest… but the Men’s Big Wave Award as well. Z pushes himself competing on the freeride and professional level, spending his days tow surfing the outer reefs of Maui, pushing the limits every chance he can and catching the biggest waves that come his way. After winning the International Windsurfing Big Wave Award in 2019-2020, he is determined to pursue a career in windsurfing, competing on the IWT and PWA World Tours, traveling the world and fulfilling his dream of becoming the next icon in the extreme sports world.

With talent and courage that outshines most grown men, Z is a young waterman to keep your eye on. When he isn’t out ripping on his Naish Force 4 sails and Assault board, you can find him somewhere on the water, surfing or foiling around all his favorite spots around the islands. We caught up with Z over the weekend to hear his thoughts on joining the Naish International Team. Schettewi told Naish insiders:

“I am very excited to be part of the Naish team! It’s great to be able to windsurf, kitesurf, wing, foil, and everything on the water with the Naish team everyday, it’s very special to live on Maui and be teamed up with such a great locally based company. Living here close to the beach gives me the resources to live a certain lifestyle and the ability to get out on the water whenever conditions allow, which ultimately is what taught me what it means to become an all-around waterman.

With an attitude like that, it seems there are only big things on the horizon for Schettewi. Welcome to the Team Z – we are stoked to have you on board!

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