Kai Lenny Takes First at Da Hui Backdoor Shootout 2015

Kai Lenny Takes First at Da Hui Backdoor Shootout 2015

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January 10, 2015, Pipeline, Oahu – #TeamNaish rider, and current SUP World Champion, Kai Lenny made history on his Hokua LE as the first SUP athlete to win Da Hui Backdoor Shootout at one of Hawaii’s most iconic surfbreaks: the Banzai Pipeline on Oahu’s North Shore.

In a tribute to “wave sliding,” Da Hui celebrated the 50th anniversary of the original Duke Kahanamoku Invitational by breaking the mold and including bodysurfing, long boarding and standup paddling to the traditionally prone-centric surf event.

Handpicked to best represent their respective disciplines and showcase their skills on Oahu’s infamous wave was a bevy of Hawaii’s leading athletes. Said Kai, “Being invited to Da Hui Backdoor Shootout in Memory of Duke Kahanamoku with the best Hawaiian surfers at Pipeline is the best way to start 2015 and winning the event is such an honor. . . I’d like to say a big Mahalo to Da Hui and all of their organizers, commentators and everyone involved in the competition.”

Amidst some challenging conditions and plenty of talented competitors, Lenny stood out in the early rounds and secured his victory in the final. Special shout out to #TeamNaish’s Noa Ginella for pulling into some heavy sections and grabbing the judges’ attention.

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Photos courtesy of the Waterman League

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