Isthmus Speed Crossing - 2014 Hellenic SUP Cup

Isthmus Speed Crossing - 2014 Hellenic SUP Cup

Early Morning, October 19, 2014, Corinth, Greece – Just a few hours before start time, an unexpected change in the current met event organizers with an interesting dilemma during the Grand Finale of the Fourth Annual Hellenic SUP Cup.

Once the decision was made to start the race from the opposite side of the canal, a record-breaking 147 athletes of all ages sped through the Isthmus of Corinth, in what has been described as a 3.6 mile SUP drag race.

Placed just a few meters before the finish, the only buoy turn of the race challenged riders to maintain focus and push their endurance through to the end.

Photos courtesy of Alex Grymanis and Red Bull.

Top Rankings:

Men 14’0’’
1st George Fragos (Naish)
2nd George Konstantis (Naish)
3rd Nikos Syrigos (Naish)

Men 12’6’’
1st Marios Kritis (Naish)
2nd John Tountas (Naish)
3rd John Karagianis (Fanatic)

Women 14’0’’
1st Mikaela Giasoumi (Naish)
2nd Sofia Kasimi (Naish)
3rd Konstantina Kontarini (Naish)

Women 12’6’’
1st Poly Pilou (Naish)
2nd Aggeliki Kolokousi (Naish)
3rd Roula Papadimitriou (Naish)

Boys 14’0’’
1st Loukas Vasileiou (Naish)
2nd Konstantinos Dimitriou (Naish)
3rd Michael Mastrantonis (Naish)

Boys 12’6’’
1st Ilias Kropik (Naish)
2nd George Giginis (Naish)
3rd Iason Andronis(Naish)

1st Ioanna Sirti (Naish)
2nd Lea Stalmahn (Naish)
3rd Myrto Androni (Naish)

1st Manos Mavrommatis (Naish)
2nd Vaggelis Avramidis (Naish)
3rd Vasilis Thomopoulos (Naish)

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