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Introducing Naish Team Europe

May 1, 2016 – Naish wants to encourage young talented riders to reach the top!

Within Naish Team Europe we are looking for the next generation of riders who have the talent and ambition to be the next top rider. Three time Winner of the Red Bull King of the Air, former Freestyle World Champion and Naish Team Rider Kevin Langeree will guide the riders along the way.

Being part of Naish Team Europe means you will be trained by Kevin. Not only good kitesurfing is part, but tactics, know-how and all sorts of tips & tricks that matter to reach a higher level. And who knows, one of our riders will be the next contender at the KOTA!

By visiting our BRAND NEW website, talented riders could sign up for a team application.

We are proud to announce that we already have some great talented riders that are part of our Naish Team Europe.

  • Clément Huot (FR)
  • Rene Barner (GER)
  • Stig Hoefnagel (NED)
  • Lucas Ferreira (FR)
  • Cohan van Dijk (NED)
  • Tom Seager (UK)

Visit Naish Team Europe to find out more.

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