Casper Steinfath Crowned 2015 European Cup Champion for Third Year in a Row

Casper Steinfath Crowned 2015 European Cup Champion for Third Year in a Row

July 26, 2015, Rome, Italy—Impressive performances at the Barcelona and Finland stops of the 2015 European SUP Cup placed Naish rider Casper Steinfath as a front-runner for the champion title. Upon completing the World SUP Challenge, the final stop of the 2015 European SUP Cup held during the Italy Surf Expo, Steinfath earned the crown for the third year in a row with his Naish Javelin board. Fellow Naish team rider Manca Notar also scored high ranks, paddling to second at this prestigious event.

The first day of competition began with a 10 km long-distance race. The temperature was a whopping 40 C (104 F) and according to Casper, “The single most hottest race I have ever raced in.” Fortunately, the wind was strong and the water was bumpy, enabling him to catch some glides and break away from the field of contention early on in the race. With a lot determination Casper managed to hold his speed well, and after an hour of paddling, finished in first place.

Manca Notar showed great determination in her long-distance heat, emerging victorious despite her hydration pack malfunctioning just minutes into the race. By taking first in long-distance, Manca got one step closer to winning the entire Italy World SUP Challenge and Casper solidified his chance of taking the EU Title win.

Manca showed great prowess and consistency in her heats, finishing second in sprints. This score combined with her first place in long-distance the day before gave her the second place spot at the Italian World SUP Challenge; it also boosted her into third place for the entire women’s European Cup Series!

Casper’s first place in long-distance and top 5 in the propelled him to second place overall for the Italy Expo Event. Once this race was added to the leaderboard, Casper was declared Champion for the entire Men’s European Cup Series.

Congratulations Casper and Manca!

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