The Cape Doctor Delivers at Final PRIMI Naish Downwinder

The Cape Doctor Delivers at Final PRIMI Naish Downwinder

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After a relatively poor run of conditions during the 20 week PRIMI Naish Downwind Dash series, a prescribed 30+ knots finally delivered gusts up to 35 knots on March 12, 2014, a picture-perfect day with decreasing tide and no swell in sight.

Record numbers of SUP’s took to the start line while Naish’s Ethan Koopmans, focused on the score he needed to settle with Dylan Frick. Ethan made sure to set a blistering pace from start to finish, nearly breaking the 10.1km course record with a finish time of 43:14 to take a very reputable win in the Junior’s event and a 2nd place finish in the Men’s Open division.

The Ladies event also had a close battle with Mishka Steyn, who narrowly took the win from Tarryn Kyte (2nd) and Brigitte van Aswegen (3rd).

The Masters event saw last week’s winner Armin Wohlgemuth slip to 3rd with Naish’s Peter Peterson taking the win and Gary van Rooyen claiming 2nd.

Amazing job to all those that participated this season!

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Overall Naish PRIMI Downwinder Season Results Jan-March 2014

Men’s Open
1st Dylan Frick
2nd Ethan Koopmans (Naish Javelin LE)
3rd Kimon dos Santos

1st Mishka Steyn (Naish Javelin LE)
2nd Brigette van Aswegen (Naish Javelin LE)
3rd Tarryn Kyte

1st Ethan Koopmans (Naish Javelin LE)
2nd Kimon dos Santos
3rd Joshua Robertson

1st Peter Petersen (Naish Javelin LE)
2nd Armin Wohlgemuth (Naish Javelin LE)
3rd Gary van Rooyen

Lady Masters
1st Monika Wohlgemuth (Naish Glide)
2nd Patricia Kohrs (Naish Glide)
3rd Maleen Hoekstra (Naish Glide)

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