Brother sister combo Kevin & Jalou Langeree win the PKRA Dakhla wave event

Brother sister combo Kevin & Jalou Langeree win the PKRA Dakhla wave event

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Huge congratulations to Naish’s Kevin & Jalou Langeree for their 1st place finish in the wave event at the PKRA World Tour!

Today marked the return of the exciting wave competitions at the PKRA in Dakhla, Morocco. The swell started in the morning at around 1m with winds around 15 knots and by the end of the day there were 5m sets and 20 knots of wind. They couldn’t have asked for better conditions.

The competition was run in a dingle format, meaning that a rider could lose a heat and still have a second chance to come back and win. The locals had the advantage of knowing where the best spot would be to catch the waves; but very quickly, the visiting pros learned the layout and started shredding the waves.

In the quarterfinals, Naish’s Kevin Langeree charged the building swell and easily made it to the semifinals. In the first semifinal, Kevin set the pace from the start and pushed his lead more by scoring a 7.77 on his final wave. During the finals, Kevin scored a 7 on his opening wave with one hit on a 5m set wave and continued his lead by grabbing another big wave in the dying minutes of his heat to secure the win using his Naish Global 5’8” and Park kite.

The women’s ladder was very tough with the top four girls all being able to win the title. In the semifinals, Jalou Langeree was on fire scoring a 7.73 and a 6 to make her way into the final also using her Naish Global 5’8” and Park kite. The final heat had some really big waves and the girls had to be careful not to get caught by closeout sets. Jalou took more risk on the waves than her competition by going harder to the lip and was rewarded with the title.

“I’m here to win but didn’t think I was going to do this well! And on top of that, my sister also won. So cool!” –Kevin Langeree

“I am really happy to win the event riding backside. Having trained frontside for the past 3 months in SA, going to Maui really helped with my backside surfing.” –Jalou Langeree

Congratulations you two!

Photos courtesy of: Toby Bromwich/PKRA

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