Another Victory for the German SUP Champion—Noelani Sach

Another Victory for the German SUP Champion—Noelani Sach

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August 21, 2015, Fehmarn, Germany—Noelani Sach took yet another first place in Fehmarn, Baltic Sea, at the German Technical Beach race Championship on her 12’6″ Javelin LE (in the 14´division).

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“Although we unfortunately had offshore winds, which means no waves at all, we had a very interesting and “technical” course of about 650meters – starting at the beach, then paddling an “M”, back to the shore, running around one buoy on the beach with our boards, back out around one last buoy and finish line at the beach. The beach run was something new in Germany and made it a bit more interesting…”

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This competition was great practice for Noelani, who will be competing in the upcoming final race of the German SUP Challenge Series, which she is currently leading. The final race is on September 4, 2015 at the surf beach of Pelzerhaken. Proud of her latest accomplishment, Noelani describes how she feels about the upcoming race in September, “…As I really gained physical strength I now have a lot of confidence no matter what the conditions and situations are like.”

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