2015 N1SCO SUP World Championships | Amsterdam

2015 N1SCO SUP World Championships | Amsterdam

Home to over 160 canals and a UNESCO World Heritage site, Amsterdam proved a charming backdrop for 3rd annual N1SCO World Championships. 55 men and 26 women traveled to the Netherlands from 15 nations to compete in this highly anticipated event on their Naish ONE inflatable SUPs. Among them were Swiss residents Susanne Lier who earned 1st for the overall women’s spot and Dani Reinhart, who came out as the overall men’s victor for the 2nd year in a row.

Born from the incredible versatility and performance of the Naish ONE inflatable racing board, N1SCO events offer fun, fair and cost-effective competition formats for all contestants, regardless of size or experience. Race formats are exciting, accessible simple to setup and—most importantly—fun! Events showcase different paddling skills and abilities and include anything from sprints and intermediate long distance to long distance and relays. Held annually, the N1SCO SUP World Championships changes locations each year, giving participants the opportunity to test their skills in new environments and conditions among a group of like-minded individuals.

For details about upcoming events be sure to visit: n1sco.com/
For details about the Naish One Inflatable SUP go to: naishsurfing.com/product/one-12-6/
Read the full race recap: https://www.naishsurfing.com/daniel-reinhart-susanne-lier-victorious-2015-n1sco-world-championships/

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