The 7 Lakes SUP Tour  - Salzkammergut/Austria

The 7 Lakes SUP Tour - Salzkammergut/Austria

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Duration: 8.5 hours – Distance: 70 km – 23,000 paddle strokes

Months of planning have finally paid off on August 5th 2012 when Sebastian Kukla and Wolfgang Leeb embarked on their 70km – 7 lakes tour in the Salzkammergut with perfect weather conditions.

I was curious to see if my body could handle a paddle like this and so I persuaded Sebastian to join me on my venture, Wolfgang said.

They started at 6:00am at Grundlsee – on to Altausseersee, Hallstatt, Traunsee, Attersee, Mondsee to finish on Wolfgangsee at the Naish SUP Center Camping Appesbach.

Unfortunately Sebastian had to quit after a remarkable 50 km just before they reached Mondsee due to severe back pain which left Wolfgang to paddle the remainder of 20km by himself.

There all the way (by car) with the paddlers was Wolfgang’s wife and kids who provided food and drinks and the necessary transportation between the lakes.
Wolfgang says: “A great experience and after the Ultramarathon at Lake Neusiedl (60km) with a total of 70 km, probably the longest route paddled in one day in Austria so far.

Next year we will make this into a charity event and hope to animate some stand up paddlers to join in to. Thanks to Naish for their support. Let’s go SUP!

Written by: Wolfgang Leeb
Photos: SUP Salzkammergut

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