Naish SUP win in Tahiti

Team Naish Tahiti Wins It All

Massive congratulations to Team Naish Tahiti for not only dominating the last contest of the year, the 2013 Tahiti SUP Cup but also doing a clean sweep of all all 2013 Tahitian championship titles.

For the Men, it was Frogier Steven winning the Master Division of the 2013 Tahiti SUP CUP while up and coming ripper Poenaiki Raioha took the win in both the Junior & Open Divisions. With that result of the last event of the season they were also crowned the 2013Tahitian SUP champions in their division.

In the women’s division it was Naish Tahiti’s Karell Poppke who brought home 1st in the 2013 Tahiti SUP Cup granting her to overall title of Tahitian SUP Champion 2013.

Way to go everyone! Awesome job!

Photos: Naish Tahiti

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