South Africa’s Ethan Koopmans Wins Big

South Africa’s Ethan Koopmans Wins Big

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South Africa’s Ethan Koopmans participated in two events this past week, propelling his name and accomplishments even higher on the SA charts!

Just last weekend, he won the South Africa Junior SUP Wave Title on his Naish Hokua 8’0” LE and also made the podium in the Open Men’s with a 3rd place finish.

Not only is he an outstanding wave rider, he’s also quite the accomplished racer! Naish SUP SA sponsored and organized the 2nd stop on the South African SUPSA Race Tour racing with two races counting towards the SA national racing title in Durban. Ethan won the Long Distance (0:27:54) and the Short-course Tech Race (0:12:02) to take the event on his Naish Javelin14’0” LE.

Ethan is currently leading the National Ranking Race Series after two stops! Amazing job Ethan!

See the action from both races here:

NaishSUP SUPSA Race:

SA Junior SUP Wave Footage:

Photos courtesy of Surfshots – Durban – KZN / Naish South Africa

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