Naish SUP Hellenic Cup 2012 - Final Stop

Naish SUP Hellenic Cup 2012 - Final Stop

Anticipation is building in Greece for the final stop of the Naish SUP Hellenic CUP 2012 which happens on November 4th. After four qualifying stops throughout Greece the tour is finally coming to an end. The stage for the event will be the historic Corinth Canal.

Crossing the canal, with its breathtaking scenery, with turquoise waters, ancient hand crafted stones, 90m height walls surrounding them at whole distance of 6450m, will certainly be the experience of a lifetime for all paddlers who qualified to participate.

Naish Greece acquired special permits to hold the event in the canal – which will be closed down from it’s usual shipping traffic just for 2 hours, to allow paddlers safe passage. This date is firm and no matter what the conditions, the race will be held that day. Good luck to everyone.

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