Global Q&A w/ Product Designer, Lars Moltrup

When did development first start on the Global?
Development started early October 2012. A few weeks before the first swell of the winter hit Maui, we received our first samples. Slight variations in the design were put into testing, then from there, we evolved the shapes based on team feedback.

What inspired the design/concept behind the Global?
The Global is inspired by the world-class conditions we have on Maui during the winter season. Medium to big surf with side shore winds provide for some fast rides. The Global is the board of choice for Robby Naish and with its rounded pintail, the board features a long rail line and thinned out rails that help the board keep its edge when you’re blasting down the line and stick bottom turns at high speeds. Its increased tail kick loosens the board up to change directions on the wave, allowing you to make more pivotal and snappy turns off the top. The deep, single concave bottom shape enables tighter turns on the wave face, giving you optimal drive and speed. In addition, the full 3D double-density deck pad, was designed for maximum comfort and tracking to ensure that you don’t slip out when you push the Global to the limit on those off-the-top snappy turns. The board is designed with inserts for straps but a lot of the testing was also done strapless, so the board works just as well for this riding style.

The Global is an excellent choice for riders who want to have fun in medium to small sized surf, (whether it is onshore or side shore) to big, fast and powerful waves. It can be used for just about everything you throw at it.

What’s the difference in performance between each size in the range?
The Global comes in 4 sizes: 5’8’’, 5’10’’, 6’0’’ and 6’2’’. These boards are all based on the same design objectives and have the same basic shape with slight variations. The board sizes are a reflection of the weight/size of rider, but at the same time, the rider preference/style and conditions. I weigh around 85 kg and prefer the 5’8’’ Global; and riding strapless, this board keeps me confident when riding big surf. Those who ride with straps typically prefer a 6’0’’ for these kinds of conditions to get more stability out of a bigger board. In the end, it all comes down to what you like to ride.

What kind of construction does the Global have?
The construction of the Global is the same durable and light construction used on the Skater and the Fish. This construction is our most durable and impact resistant to date and accommodates both strapped and strapless riding and jumping. The emergence of strapless riding has set the bar much higher for kite surfboard construction than it has ever been. The balance of having an impact resistant and durable construction in the entire deck surface and keeping a lightweight board while hitting the target performance is a time consuming process. Many hours have been spent developing the current construction, from lab break tests to performance tests, in a variety of conditions. We are confident we have met the design objectives to the fullest extent and even though you don’t see the carbon and bamboo as compared to last year’s model, it’s still in there plus a lot more…but with a much smarter and engineered layout.

Is the end result what you expected?
Making a product, no matter what that product is, it’s a game of compromise between aesthetics and graphics, constructions and shape, but in the end the result has been a board that does well, looks good and is durable as ever. That said, the development continues and we are always on the lookout for improvements.

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