Arnaud Frennet crossing the Corcovado Gulf

Arnaud Frennet crossing the Corcovado Gulf

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Naish Team Rider, Arnaud Frennet, recently became the first person to cross the highly challenging waters of the Gulf of Corcovado in Chile on his Glide 14’0”. Considered the gateway of Patagonia with its strong winds, currents and unpredictable climates, it is one of the most respected and feared by islanders and sailors.

The weather forecast on the day of the crossing called for decent temperatures and a good tide table, making it the perfect window to cross the 49km Corcovado. The adventure began at Quellón, the most southern village of the Chiloé Island and ended at the foot of the Corcovado Volcano.

His paddling journey came to an end after 10 hours 43 minutes of battling spells of dehydration, strong cross winds and temperamental currents. As he stepped onto the beach at his final destination and glanced back at his achievement, he was congratulated by a beautiful group of blue whales. Unreal!

Way to go Arnaud!

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