2014/15 TRIP Designers Notes

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2014/15 TRIP Designers Notes

What are the primary differences in this season’s Trip design?
The new Trip is an evolution of last year’s model where we improved everywhere we could. You’ll notice that the new panel layout spreads the load better throughout the whole kite, reducing any fluttering that may occur. It’s a compact kite that packs 30% smaller than other kites with struts for traveling, feels extremely light in the air and delivers amazing low-end.

Last season’s Trip only had a 10m. Why did you add an 8m and 12m?
We wanted to offer a Trip for everyone – so now, depending on your weight and location, you can get the kite that will work best for you!

Since its launch last season, what has some of the feedback been from your customers?
The Trip has received remarkable reviews from all over the world! People are amazed by its low-end and ability to fly easily in lighter winds. We’ve also had a lot of foil riders jump on the Trip because it can virtually fly in no wind – and on a foil this is pretty much all you need! Some riders claim that they’ve even gone foiling with a mere 3knots of wind!
We’ve also had some wave riders from light wind areas super stoked about the Trip because it allowed them to use the 10m while they previously would have used a 12m or 14m.

Please re-address the relaunch and stability concerns about a strutless kite for the skeptics.
The main reason we do not recommend the Trip for beginners is because there may be times where you need some advanced skills to get a strutless kite back in the air. Instability in the air is not an issue when flown within the Trip’s wind range, however fluttering can occur when fully depowering the kite in overpowered conditions.

Where does the Trip kite fit in your product mix?
The Trip is a kite that targets intermediate to advanced riders that want to lessen their load when traveling. It’s perfect for someone who wants to travel with only one “all around” kite that works well in most conditions. It’s also a great kite to ride with a foil.

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