S26 Force 5
S26 Force 5
S26 Force 5
S26 Force 5


S26 Force 5

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Power Wave

The Force 5 is our 5 batten power wave sail that is also ideal for bump and jump freeride action due to its incredibly stable power and wide range. This sail features exceptional speed and control, complemented by instant sheet-in-and-go acceleration enhanced by its large monofilm window. Building on Naish’s years of experience, this classic design has been brought into the 21st century with advanced lightweight materials including our new XS-1577 ultralight scrim and a host of subtle tweaks that improve the overall user experience.


  • Light, Stable and Durable 
  • Optimized for Wave Riding 
  • Great Handling in a Large Wind Range

Equilibrium Batten Pockets

Improved rotation + light + durable

Horizontal Panel Layout with Radial Clew

Defined 3D shape

XS-1577 Film

Durable and ultralight

Single Luff Panel

Leading edge shape control


  1. Mini Batten Pockets

  2. Equilibrium Batten Pockets

  3. 175 Micron High Visibility Film Window

  4. Dual Position Clew with Titanium Rings

  5. Custom Stainless Steel Tack Pulley with 4:1 and 6:1 Option

  6. Custom Tapered Vinylester Rod Battens

  7. Ultra Head Scruff Panel

  8. XS-1577 Ultralight Scrim Single Luff Panel

  9. Molded Tack Fairing with Integral Line Storage

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