Hover Kite Microchip
Hover Kite Microchip
Hover Kite Microchip


Hover Kite Microchip

Sale price$459.00

Be one with your foil with the latest and greatest kite foil board, the Hover Kite Microchip. At 5 L and measuring just under a meter in length, the Hover Microchip provides the most direct connection to your foil possible. Offering superior control while pumping, ripping turns, and learning new maneuvers, the Microchip has a near-zero swing weight. Featuring a 3K carbon deck and bottom and an 80 kg PVC core, the board is ultra-lightweight and durable, giving you the confidence you need for every session. For riders looking for the most engaging and responsive ride, the Hover Microchip will be your new best friend on the water.  



    1. 80 kg PVC Core

    2. CNC shape for absolute precision shaping

    3. 100 g UD Carbon strip top and bottom

    4. High Tensile Fiberglass for outstanding strength-to-weight ratio

    5. 3K Carbon deck and bottom for a stiff, strong, light board

    6. Full deck medium density pad with a diamond grooved and embossed texture and a tail kick

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